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NCCA Activities and Programs

Innovation - One of the fundamental goals of NCCA is innovation in oncology healthcare delivery, practice management, sharing of resources and best practices, and new alternative payment models (APMs). NCCA is a strong supporter of the MASON Proposal written by Barbara McAneny MD with Innovative Oncology Business Solutions (IOBS), until recently the managing partner for NCCA. The proposal has been submitted to the Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee (PTAC), and is currently awaiting further consideration for referral to CMS. Here are direct links to the proposal itself and associated documents:

Economies of Scale - As a large group with several hundred physicians, NCCA can leverage economies of scale to purchase insurance, supplies, drugs and services at more favorable rates than are available to individual practices.

Preferred Contracting Opportunities - Preferred providers for shared services, e.g. cyber security.

Genomics Based Testing and Reporting - Information under development.

Treatment Pathways - A project that was initially closely affiliated with COME HOME in conjunction with the COME HOME triage pathways. The Treatment Pathways are evidence based and physician driven, and focused on Decision Support, Operational Processes and Quality Reporting.  For some time, the pathways were developed and maintained by NCCA committees of community and academic oncologists. This has now been moved to further development with the cooperation and active involvement of NCCN, and for now will not be further documented here.

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